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Decorated Cookies

Decorated Cookies

In Bake & FUN we offer an exquisite range of decorated cookies with a unique technique that we have perfected through experience. All our cookies are decorated with Royal Icing and sometimes we use small details of fondant, sugar pearls or colored sugar.

The ingredients of our Bake & FUN cookie recipe are: wheat flour, butter, eggs, sugar, natural vanilla (pods and seeds) and orange peel. In some cases, depending on the flavor of the cookie, also use milk, cocoa powder and lemon.

*** ORDERS :
When you place an order through the website and we receive notification, we get down to work. We prepare the dough, bake the cookies and decorate them especially for this order. With this we guarantee their freshness when you receive them.

Cookies are individually bagged in cellophane bags with a Bake & FUN label and packaged using the best means to ensure that they arrive safely to their destination.

Our cookies have an expiration date three months after the date of manufacture.

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