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Saint Valentine is celebrated in different countries such as Valentine's Day, as the day of love or as the Day of Love and Friendship.

If you want to know why Saint Valentine is associated with love... wikipedia always helps;-):
Valentine was a priest in Rome in the third century. In that time emperor Claudius II decided to ban marriages for young, single people because he thought they were better soldiers without families (they would have no ties).

The priest Valentine though that the decree was unfair and challenged the Emperor celebrating secretly marriages of young lovers (that's 'cause  it has become popular Valentine as the patron of lovers).
The emperor wanted to persuade Valentine to promulgate Christianity and imprisoned.

Valentine in an act of faith cured of blindness the daughter of the officer guarding him and it angered the emperor, who commanded martyrize and kill him on February 14, 270 (short - short summary).

In this section we have made a selection of products and ingredients you can use to make your cookies, cupcakes or cakes for this special day.

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