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Sugar sheet - 15 Circles of 5,5cm


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Sugar sheet - 15 Circles of 5,5cm - Bake&FUN

Sugar sheet - 15 Circles of 5,5cm

Sugar sheet paper is prepared from sugar and starch. With a high degree of flexibility and resistance to temperature changes (heat or cold).

This type of paper is ideal for covering cakes, cupcakes and cookies, and even freshly baked breads. You can use some neutral jelly (liquid) to "glue" on the fondant or if your preparation is covered with meringue buttercream you can use it directly.

You can get high quiality printings with this paper. Make sure your photo has a good resolution to avoid pixelation.Print your image on a paper sheet to have an idea of how it will look.

Use edible, flexible Sugar Sheets to cut or punch virtually any shape or border design. There’s no preparation, no mess. Just peel, punch or cut and place your decorations in minutes. Sugar Sheets have a light, sweet flavor that works with buttercream or fondant-covered treats.

Using Sugar Sheets, it’s easy for anyone to create crowd-pleasing decorated treats. You can Write messages with edible pens, stencil with Color Mist, brush on colorful Pearl Dust or Color Dust accents or sprinkle on your favorite colored sugars.

Even if you’ve been decorating for decades, Sugar Sheets will help you create amazing cake designs unlike any you’ve ever achieved.

Sugar Sheet paper does not contain gluten and is also certified Kosher. Vanilla flavor.

Ingredients: Starch E1422, 1412, maltodextrin, glycerin, sugar, stabilizers E460i, E414, dextrose, emulsifiers E435, E491, E471, color E171, vanilla flavoring, preservatives, sucralose, citric acid.

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